In 2006, the company produced and began to sell EDTA products

In 2005, Co-operated with WNK Bentonite Co., Ltd, promotion and sales of bentonite and perlite

In 2002, the company produced controlled release fertilizer for the market

In 2001, the company produced seaweed fertilizer. WNK Holding Group invested and established WNK Agrochemistry Co., Ltd.

In 2000, the company produced amino acid products

In 1999, the company produced humic acids products

Serving Agricultural and Industrial markets
Proudly since 2001
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  WNK Holding Group is an individually-run enterprise mainly focusing on agrochemistry, bentonite mine, hardware products and personal health care products , the Group is composed of four subsidiary companies---WNK Agrochemistry Co., Ltd; WNK Hardware Products Co., Ltd; WNK Bentonite Co., Ltd. and WNK Health Care Products Co., Ltd.
  Since 2001 WNK Agrochemistry has been the pioneer in the development of organic fertilizers for organic agriculture. Our products are designed to function in diverse geographic and environmental conditions. We are the main objective the manufacture and trade of water soluble fertilizers, trace elements and special nutritional products for agriculture and horticulture. WNK Agrochemistry is one of top manufacturers & Suppliers of special fertilizers (humic acids, Amino Acid, EDTA and Controlled release Plant Nutrients, etc.). Our products export to more than 50 countries in the whole world.